May 7, 2010


    May 6, 2010

    A.S. Neill

    July 22, 2012

    A Virus Called Fear


      October 5, 2021

      The Wisdom of Trauma (trailer)

      One in five Americans are diagnosed with mental illness in any given year. Suicide is the second most common cause…
      January 20, 2021

      How Childhood Trauma Leads to Addiction – Gabor Maté

      Gabor Maté is a Hungarian-born Canadian physician. He has a background in family practice and a special interest in childhood…
      December 29, 2020

      Dr. Gabor Maté – Trauma

      What do we do now to create a world where human needs get met? Physician and renowned addiction expert, Dr.…
      December 8, 2020

      This Might Hurt (trailer)

      This Might Hurt is an intimate vérité film that follows three chronic pain patients who have spent years trying to…
      October 13, 2020

      Childhood 2.0

      For the first time in history, mental illness and suicide have become one of the greatest threats to school-aged children.…

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        step father beats child

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        Children of Darkness

        Children of Darkness is an Oscar nominated 1983 documentary film produced and written by Richard Kotuk and Ara Chekmayan. It…
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        Take These Broken Wings

        Recovery from Schizophrenia without Medication Featuring Joanne Greenberg (bestselling author of “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”), recovered for…
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        Frederick Leboyer

        Frederick Leboyer (born November 1, 1918) is a French obstetrician, best known for his 1975 book, Birth Without Violence, which…
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        The kid with a Bike (Le gamin au vélo)

        Cyril, almost 12, has only one plan: to find the father who left him temporarily in a children’s home. By…
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